Subdivision Information

The Lakewood Valley Subdivision Associations:

The subdivision is governed by 4 separate associations. Each association has its own board of directors and management company. Each association has its own boundary lines and responsibilities, owner assessments, CC&Rs and Rules.

  1. The Lakewood Valley Homeowners Association (HOA) is the Master Association who contracts this website, governs over the rules and regulations of the subdivision and the maintenance and improvements of all common areas, such as the berms, landscaping, 5 ponds, irrigation system, 3 entrance monument’s signage and lighting, property insurance, etc. The HOA has an annual assessment invoice that is mailed and due by January 1st every year to both the single family and townhome owners.
  2. The Recreation Association is a sub-association with its own Board and management company that governs over the recreational amenities such as the swimming pool, clubhouse, tennis and sand volleyball courts, playground, picnic area, etc. The Recreation Association has an annual assessment given to townhome owners and most of the single-family owners via one annual assessment invoice.
  3. The Townhome Association is a sub-association that has its own townhome neighborhood Board and management company that governs over the buildings and maintenance of the townhome neighborhoods. The townhome association gives a monthly assessment. Additionally, townhome homeowners are also responsible for the Master HOA annual assessment, as well as the Recreation Association annual assessment. Townhome owners pay two annual assessments sent separately and the townhome association has a monthly assessment via coupon book.
  4. Unit 6 Association is a separate, self-governing association with its own Board and management company that governs over a small annexed section of Lakewood Valley. The Unit 6 assesses an annual assessment. Unit 6 homeowners are NOT members of the Master HOA or Recreation Association so they do not have access to or vote in any of these associations.

Reminder: The HOA or its management company does not manage issues or collect assessments for the Townhome Association, Unit 6 Association or the Recreation Association. These are separate associations with another separate management company.

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